Delaware Dem has been kicking ass over at kos for years, but has focused mainly on national issues.

Given our high profile Congressional election and what is shaping up to be an interesting election season, he is switching that up this year, and will be bring his (and by extension the kos army’s) attention to little old Delaware.

And then there is Delaware’s only Congressman, Mike Castle (R), who is a dinosaur for a number of reasons. He is one of the few Northeastern Republicans left. He is one of the few “moderate” Republicans left. Plus, he is old and frail.

In 2006, rather than getting his customary 70%, he only got 57% against an underfinanced candidate. The local Delaware blogosphere is trying to ramp up a serious challenge to him this year, and I want to join in that effort.

Hence my headlong dive into the local blogging scene. And to be sure, Delaware has some great local blogs. Check my blogroll to the right. Delaware Liberal, Tommywonk, Delaware Watch. But they are not precisely focused on elections, which is what I want to do focus on.

This is awesome news and part of that “nationalizing” of the Castle race which I mentioned in a previous post.