As one of our commenters pointed out, this weekend is the annual Watermelon of Doom fundraiser [shitty music warning] held by Vance Phillips. At this fundraiser crabs are served, watermelon is consumed, and one lucky politician will eat the “lucky watermelon” thereby sealing his doom. Last year it was a pre-macaca George Allen. This year…Who knows. I wonder if Protack is showing up?

There has been some pop psychology running around the political spheres lately. Does Rove fear an Obama candidacy? Does he fear Edwards? Personally, I care not one whit what Rove thinks, but the right-wing in Delaware seems intent on stinking up Markell with the crap that Minner’s administration has pulled at DHSS. I must admit that I am happy overjoyed that Kilroy didn’t bust out the photoshop for his headline “Jack Markell Blows it Out His Ass.” It’s the little things that make me happy. Over at FSP, Dave is sweating a Markell win by trying to paint Markell with the Minner brush. Good luck on that bro. Girlie-man Levin is in for a whooping and maybe Protack will sue him, too.

Speaking of Protack (hopefully for the last time this week) Dana cuts him some slack with a smackdown on Fulcher. Fulcher seems to be convinced of Protack’s complicity in the whole postcard issue.

Another of the GOP talking points this week seemed to be the concept of “Sanctuary Cities.” This is the xenophobic right, not the pro-business right. Duffy has an insulting post about it, whereas Hube just seems to want all crime reports to have an immigration angle.

If you missed it, JttR was a lefty blog for a week. It was like opposites day over there. Nice job over there Mike McKain. I bet you need one hell of a shower to get the conservative off of you. Check out Mike’s Education post or wander over to his blog.

Speaking of changes, FSP has added Frank Knotts to their roster of crazed lunatics (I mean that in the nicest way…). Sadly, they are still no match for the team here at

Let’s close out the Right-wing nuts with an innocuous sports post by Paul Smith. I can’t wait until LOST comes back on and I can highlight his posts on it. I still feel dirty.

Here’s one for the record books, Duffy has something nice to say about the Clintons. Specifically Chelsea and Bill and Hill’s ability to keep their marriage together. Hmmm…Does Duffy want Hillary to be the nominee so that the Republicans have a chance… ?

This week saw the penultimate event of the Iraq Summer Campaign during a sermon and Rally with Christopher Bullock. Nancy promoted it and talked about the potential challenge to Castle that Bullock poses. But Tommywonk scoops the sermon and posts it along with analysis. Dana had one of the more entertaining posts about it with pharmacological consequences for Castle.

Another event this week was the Markell Pizza bash that Jason and Mike Matthews attended.

On to more serious matters, Kavips has a post about the evil that Dick Cheneys 1% doctrine was doing before there was a 1% doctrine. At least once a week, I read a Kavips post and say, My God, these guys really are as dangerous as I had feared.

Mat Marshall has been admittedly lazy (we’ve all been there) but he is editing a video due to be shown at the rally on Monday for the final installment of the Iraq Summer Campaign. Hopefully he’ll put it on youtube and we can post it here.

It’s back to school time, and Mike Mahaffie has a post up about the high cost of school supplies to parents and teachers alike. The difference, as a parent of two kids in elementary school, is that for parents, it is worth every penny…

And that concludes my broadcast day. This weekend I have a book club meeting where we just read Silent Spring by Rachael Carson. I think I’ll blog a little about it next week. The topic is just as hot today as it was 40 years ago.

If you are going to eat Vance Phillips’ crabs this weekend, remember that Republicans like him that support George Bush’s failed Iraq war has cost the lives of 3,724 American soldiers and a bare minimum of 70,000 (very likely a significant number more) Iraqi lives. It is considered a blessing in Iraq to die of natural causes these days. Think about that when you are picking the gills off of that crab.