In what can only be described as a shocker John Carney easily beat Jack Markell in this early test of….uh….(?)

To be honest I don’t know what has been tested here. Organizational strength? Online savy? Email list managment? Perhaps Carney has one committed supporter who figured out how to vote on a whole bunch of computers(?) At any rate, this is a tracking poll so the trend in results over time is what we are really interested in.

On the Republican side, the fence sitter Al Levin and Mike Protack TIED. Both garnered 50% of the Republican votes. Again, I don’t know what to make of that. Although the Democrat/Republican vote totals probably give us a glimpse of the eventual breakdown.

If the election was being held today, who would you vote for to be the next Governor of Delaware


John Carney 60% (98 votes)
Jack Markell 40% (64 votes)


Alan Levin 50% (9 votes)
Mike Protack 50% (9 votes)

Donviti got two write in votes, I got one (Thanks Dave!) One person thinks Fred Thompson would be a good Governor of Delaware and one thinks the job should go to Democratic force of nature, Rebecca Young.