I am struck by how much Delaware politics are a mirror image of, or a negative image, of our national politics.

In Delaware recent events have made it abundantly clear that we have an incompetent and out of touch executive who relies on the loyalty of cronies and patronage job whores to get along. That also happens to describe George Bush to a “T”.

However, the similarities end when you consider the different responses Democrats and Republicans have had to the incompetence up top.

Locally, Democratic activist have never held back from criticizing the Minner/Carney Administration or the old boy network that props it up. Even today, Disbelief wrote a post that excoriated Minner & Co. for its betrayal of the public’s trust. Republicans, on the other hand, have a “circle the wagons” mentality when it comes to Bush.

For example, Dave Burris, a guy who has been honorable in his dealings locally is a flat out party hack when it comes to Bush. Similarly, Mike Castle, who is regarded, as a moderate has been absolutely silent on Bush’s many crimes and screw-ups.

In the final analysis, what is lacking is the ability for Republicans to put the country’s well being above the GOP’s. I know that it weakens us in the boxing match that politics has become – but I’m glad I belong to the party with members that put the country first and the party second.