I’m coming in late. Here we go…

Dace: Hube, your team is falling apart – why?

Hube: It’s Delawareliberal’s fault. (Good one Hube!! ) No, it is trending blue and Bush dragging it down. The Iraq war.

Dace: Failed foreign policy – it is a 20 year demise – your best guess is you don’t know.

Liberalgeek: Also a population has grown – and we see young professional families in many of the rural areas are turning Democratic… (Yikes!! Dace is going to kill him..)

Dace: Demographics say we are getting older…Markel report…etc… (I knew it)

Liberalgeek: We are getting less rural.

Dace: (provides the last word)You both get an F. The minute that R’s left reaganonics – lower taxes less government the more you diluted the tax small government message the more you fail.

Hube: The Reagan revolution has been betrayed.

Liberalgeek is going to get to alk about Iraq summer…(break)

And we’re back…Mike Protack is on the line from Boston…. (Oh crap this is boring….. same old same old) “Random events tied together…I had nothing to do with the postcards” blah blah blah…

Dace had that call in set up (a Protack man?). ….And we are out of time.

Dang it – I only heard a bit – but Liberalgeek sounded great but first time nerves (I know the feeling). Hube was great. Overall I give you guys an “A” Way to represent Delaware blogging guys.