Man, nothing brings out the freaks like a story that puts Beau or Joe Biden in a slightly favorable light. Today’s story about Beau being deployed to Iraq caused our own Chris to “triple post” and the possibility of being shown up by a Biden is causing a wingnut orgy of craziness over that the News Journal story chat.

I think they are having some kind of feedback loop metldown [ezzrtp…beep.zzstt…DOES NOT COMPUTE….DOES NOT COMPUTE….zzzst…]because on the one hand they “support the troops” but one the other hand they hate all things Biden. Check out these first few comments from the News Journal story chat:


I guess Mr. Biden will be able to go prosecute soldiers who watch dirty movies on the internet for the JAG corps. I’m sure his father will figure out how to call him back to DC for hearings every two or three month too.


It is however unfortunate that Mr Biden is a member of a party that wants defeat in Iraq and will try to do whatever they can to make us fail for their own political gains. The Democratic party makes me sick and they should all be ashamed of themselves.


…if he does choose to go them I respect him for that but we both know he will see no action, his tour will be to fulfill legal needs and give advice, SAD WE CAN`T SEND MINNER TO IRAQ, she`d be great as a soldier with her ability to hide under rocks and what knot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This headline should read, ” little bo’ must go to Iraq, big joe to use as political gain”.



And by the way I scopped the News Journal by about three hours. Just sayin.