Mike at DWA has another Protack post up, but I just want to add…

It is a sad state of affairs, but at this point I think Levin can cruise to the nomination. The more Protack protests that he is being locked out, the more they can lock him out.

One more thing, Al made a point yesterday on the air. Mike Protack was running for Senator last time, now he is running for Governor. Are those jobs that similar – or does he just want to be elected to something?…Anything?

If so, a much better choice for him would have been to primary Mike Castle. That way his beef against the party would have been a legit campaign issue. The insider v. outsider thing would have played. Because, let’s face it, Mike Castle is the head of the DE GOP – not Strine.

When you think about the utter collapse of the DE GOP you have to wonder why Mike Castle is not taking any heat.