Even though she is pushing 60, the school girl giggle continues to be a Celia Cohen favorite. Like the stage whisper, she pulls it out frequently. Most often when she is writing about the greatness of Tom Carper, Joe Biden or Mike Castle. Verily, for Cohen it is a greatness that is difficult to capture with mere words.

Here we see her use it to underscore the inherit greatness of the “Delaware way”

The idea of a bipartisan showing for Biden (Levin hosting a big fundraiser) continues to delight a state that takes pride in the way its smallness brings together people who otherwise are natural political enemies.(emphasis added)

Isn’t it cute the way she gets that little giggle in? Who is delighted? She is.

Some think it is nervous laughter. They believe that, on some level, Cohen knows she is being ridiculous. But that is not the case. Cohen has no knowledge of her own ridiculousness. It is pure pleasure.