First off, ease up on the name calling. I am a US Senator and can have your headless body dumped in a Rio de Janeiro landfill within 48 hours. Seriously.

Secondly, just because Republicans have done all they can to destroy our country and shred our constitution, and I happen to think Democrats should back down and take it does not mean I’m not a Democrat.

I mean, I’m sick of the Republicans too. But I think the way forward is to compromise. For example, I’m glad that we Democrats allowed the recent Bush wiretapping bill to pass.

You may call it a surrender, and say that it represented the worst political instincts of the Democratic party. But I say it is “keeping our powder dry” for when President Bush really gets out of line.

The DLC is determined to keep our powder so dry that it will be the driest substance in the freaking universe. Right now our DLC powder is a hundred billion times drier than chalk and I think it can be drier still.

You just don’t understand the value of extremely super dry power. If you did you would not call me an a-hole.