Oy vey. Read Rong Williams on the Protack post.

Protack’s fingerprints

Mike Protack, the perennial Republican candidate for anything, open or not, may have seen the last of his meager support go down the tubes last week.

Sussex County Republican Chairman Dave Burris — who also runs a popular political blog, First State Politics — put together a team of investigators who determined that the source of the infamous “pink postcards” Republican state delegates have received in the past few months was Protack’s computer.

The postcards almost always viciously attacked the sitting GOP leadership, often with vile or racist descriptions. Protack was usually depicted as the savior.

Protack has unequivocally denied that he was behind the pink postcards, and blames the computer IP identification on someone sitting outside his house hacking into his wireless router network.

First of all Dave’s post does not track the postcards to Protack’s computer – even Dave will tell you that. (Way to keep up your rep for sloppy dumbass journalism Rong!)

Secondly….put together a team of investigators? Does this mean that LiberalGeek and Smitty get  Sherlock Holmes hats and a big magnifying glasses?