The more I think about it the more I think that Jack Markell SHOULD renounce the DLC award and tell Tom Caper to shove the award up his ass sideways. Reading crap like this puts me in a very pissed off frame of mind:

Fox News Democrat Harold Ford went on Fox News to attack (Daily Kos) and YearlyKos. This is what the DLC has been reduced to — going on Fox News to attack Democrats and being forced to debate a guy who “wasn’t respectable 3 or 4 years ago” in a bid to justify their organization’s existence.

Fuck the DLC and fuck Tom Carper. He and Harold Ford are the ones with “extreme” views.

This Democratic Losership Council (DLC) award for Markell does not mean much on its own. Until you consider the fact that Tom Carper directed this award to Markell and Tom Carper does not do stuff for the hell of it.

My sense is that Carper is moving to make Markell safe for other insiders. He is either hedging his bets and wants to keep Markell on good terms with “the club” or is laying the groundwork for more public support in the near future.