Vance Phillips Hates Mike Protack. That is pretty obvious if you read the email Dave posted. What if Protack was looking like he could pull off an upset by getting the Biden/Carper hating base of the GOP to knock Levin’s campaign off track before it even started? Was that event in SC really cancelled because Levin had TOO MANY supporters show? I still doubt that. If Protack was surging they’d need to pull the rug out from under him sooner rather than later. For all of his money, Levin’s nascent campaign could not survive another cancelled event.

And yet, if this is a high tech take down – Protack certainly gave the GOP insiders enough rope to string him up a few times over. He must have know the identity of the Pink Post Card sender and he allowed his computer to be used in a way that does not honor the work he has put in.

On the third hand – I know Dave and Randy to be upright guys. Protack says that they should have given him all of the IP stuff and let him respond prior to posting. For whatever reason they didn’t.