Oh, how I love reading about things like this…The ATM in the Church Lobby

ATM-like kiosks are now available in many church corridors and lobbies, where parishioners can swipe a card and receive a printed receipt, which they can either save for the IRS or plunk into the collection basket with a flourish, so pew mates will know they’re not spiritual freeloaders.

I wonder when visa is going to have a commercial that has all the patrons swiping a wire less card reader with a priest giving a homily? We wouldn’t want a pesky cash economy to disrupt the homily…..now would we?

“our father who art in heaven….”

Pardon me, Father?

uh, yes

Can I get cash back please? I need to get some gas and pick up some milk on the way home and thought it would be easier to just get the money now

Sure my son and God bless you


“hollow be thy name, thy kingdom come….”