I’m going to attempt to do a little live blogging on this freaking Republican Debates

It didn’t dawn on me to tape them, but I will tivo what I can.

Right now I just saw Flipp take a shot at Obama and said that he “In one week has gone from Jane Fonda to Dr. Strangelove”.  The crowd went wild.

They are playing the “Dems don’t support the Troops” card.  It really is amazing how they play to their base.  Duncan Hunter, just said the Dem Debate was a race to see who could get to the Exit, then said that the candidates didn’t once stop to thank the troops.  It is pretty disgusting to watch.

 At one point they started talking about Pro Choice and Mr Evolution (no not Ryan) Brownback was railing on Flip.  Flip had a good line.  He said,”I’m tired of this Holier than thou attitude that someone was against abortion longer.”  It was a classic actually.

 Ok, I’ll be back.  This shit makes me sick, but I have to watch both sides if I want to espouse myself as fair. 

Update I: Romney is yapping about families that have made a huge sacrifice, and the “people of america need to show a surge of support” and everyone needs to support this surge…

 Damn, Tancredo just said I came to this debate and haven’t had a chance to talk.  Mr Bomb Mecca, white supremacist supporter.  He is talking about rules of engagement.  No arms tied behind our back.  Wow, this guy is worse than Buchanan was. 

None of these guys want to talk about Political solution.  We already know we can win the military war, Christ, you’d think that was all this was about.

Tommy Thompson looks like an inflated Tommy lee Jones for crying out loud.  Wow he is blaming the Iraqi’s, but whoa he said it is a failure of congress and the US.  He disagrees with Brownback on what dividing the country up Biden style.  Tommy didn’t get a

Oh, that’s what i wanted to say, Brownback had this great Idea of dividing up Iraq…only problem is, IT’S Bidens idea.  And there is no way those Arabs are splitting up that country. 

Ok, I’ll be back with more…

UPDATE II:  WHOAAAA This gravel guy just said no WMD’s, No Al Qaeda, Blaming Cheney, Just said he wont go into these unjust wars.. (unjust is key word there)

Woooo, Romney just interjected “Has he forgotten about 9/11”  WTF, 9/11 and Iraq MEME oh brother!

Christ!  I’ll be back

UPDATE III: Here we go National Healthcare….

Huckabee just said give every American the same health Care CONGRESS has…oh please as if.  This is the same guy that blames poor Americans for being obese

UPDATE IV: Tancredo, no “womb to tomb healthcare” nice….then started blaming the illegals, wow, it is a free for all. 

Romney on the fence with child health care.  They are following right along with the President that this child healthcare is ideological. 

Guilliani saying the CHIP plan will make the kids “wards of the state”….then he moved right along into the slippery slope theory that it wont end if we dont’ stop insuring someone BS.  He just took it further by throwing in Michael Moore and the Canada, UK, Cuba scenario.  How appalling these guys are talking about socialized medicine.  We are talking about kids here. 

They all have moved away from the question and changed the debate topic to Universal and forgot about the FUCKING KIDS.



Guilliani taking the high road and not beating him up, saying he would keep the option open (I assume the nuclear option)

Flip didn’t “I think Obama needs to think about who are enemies”  how pathetic, then mentions Chavez.  He really is an asshole. 

In the end they all agree with Obama, but just want to hammer him.  Pathetic. 

Five minutes on Health Care and Domestic issues….so far about 45 on Terrorism…  a saying comes to mind about fiddling while Rome burns.

UPDATE VII: Ron Paul is like that Sesame Street tune One of these guys is not like the other, How the hell is he up there?  Funny though he is to Romney’s left, but the viewer’s right and Tancredo is at his far right buy my left.  Totally on the wrong side of the stage.

UH OH, Romney just mentioned Lebanon as an example of democracy.  OMG LMAO,  good example to cite.

 Tommy Thompson just  bitch slapped Tancredo and agreed with me and said that bombing holy sites would piss off a billion Muslims and be the wrong thing to do. 

Update VIII:  This is interesting they haven’t cut to anyone else’s wife at these debates besides Romney’s.  It has been at least 4 times this hour.  I don’t know if anyone else’s wife is there though. 

Romney just said he believes that middle income Americans SHOULD PAY NO TAXES ON THEIR SAVINGS….WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN????


Just went online to vote who is winning the Debate and check this out…

Ron Paul


Mitt Romney


Mike Huckabee


Rudy Giuliani


Nobody won. I’m voting Democratic.


Tom Tancredo


John McCain


Nobody. I’m waiting for Fred Thompson or Newt Gingrich to enter the race.


Duncan Hunter


Tommy Thompson


Sam Brownback


Total Vote: 3,015

McCain just basically said that Cheney has too much power and he would restrict the VP’s power when he gets the office. 

But MR. Mayor, backed away and said that he is ok with it and the President can use a VP how he sees fit. 

UPDATE IX: Ron Paul saying that Cheney represents the NEOCONS.  No wonder he is winning the debates

UPDATE XI: Mr. Evolution 2 (Huckabee) Supports the Fair Tax (23% sales tax, no income, estate,payroll or cap gains)

Romney doesn’t or does he, he said the truth is “we are going to pay taxes” Man he didn’t answer the question.  5 people clapped at most.

Guilliani called the estate tax the Death Tax, typical, but when you die it aint your money anymore unless you believe in reincarnation.  Still don’t understand how people are against that one…but that is another debate. 

McCain we will vote on it, but no answer

Tancredo (king Whitey) yapping about taxes allows the government to manipulate the people

Mr. Evolution (Brownback) Flat tax (did you know that when a staffer left his office he kneeled down on the ground and washed her feet like Jesus did to Mary Magdalen? true story)

Update XII: Now they have to talk about their biggest mistake…

Romney being for Abortion before he was against it

Rudy I don’t  have enough time, I need a priest, he didn’t answer

McCain I hired bad staffers and now I am in a huge hole for my campaing

Huckabee I used to be fat

Brownback that I don’t tell my kids I love them enough   OH PLEASE!!!!!!

Thompson not supportive of my breast cancer

Tancredo took me 30 years that Jesus Christ is my personal savior….oh man that beats Brownback

Update XII: What will you restore to the whitehouse

Brownback The family and overturn Roe v Wade 

McCain “I love my country” and I am fully prepared to fight Terrorism we must win, we will and we must never surrender

Rudy Restore hope, build our future on optimism, not defeatism like the Democrats, He just turned the question around and said the 3 Dems don’t have Executive Experience…nice jab

Romney would strengthen our military, strengthen our economy, keep taxes down he threw in oil in the same sentence and then jumped on the family bandwagon

Huckabee I will remember that he works for the american people, but he didn’t say american people weird

Ron Paul would restore openess to the government…


Hunter blah blah trade, my son was in Iraq, I will work to make sure we elivate the American Family

OH WOW, they are over. 

I did it.  I hope you enjoyed it. 

the winner Ron Paul