So I’m in the green room and the show just prior to Richard’s is playing on a TV. It was religious and I was not paying close attention but I think the message was: If you lose your job, pray to Jesus and you will win the lottery. I’m not kidding.

Onto the set. Richard Korn is a great guy and a very generous host. It was kind of frantic but fun. June Eisley was awesome. She is my hero. I had no idea that she has been arrested 9 times protesting this war.

Sara Jankowski and Neil Oleson were great it was pumping me up to hear those guys calling out Castle for his fraudulent “moderation” on Iraq.

My performance…? Let’s just say Mike Castle has no reason to duck me in a debate. (Unless of course he is afraid to talk about his record.)

Shout out to my blog hero Mike Mathews who came by the studio. He doesn’t like all the typos around here, (but I don’t have a fancy journalism degree from Temple like he does.) Anyway, Mike is very pessimistic about anyone beating Mike Castle. I say only a couple more things need to fall into place for Castle to lose. More on that topic tomorrow.