UPDATE:  I have fired off the first salvo.  No response yet, but I may not get one, this fish can be tricky to hook at times. 

 Donviti: What happened at the meeting last night? 

I’m going with the “catch in a lie” spinner bait.  Let’s see how I do, unless she reads this blog, then I’m hosed! Foiled! Curses!

Then, after that I go with Disbeliefs paragraph for the open, sprinkle in Anon’s and offer an olive branch (eagles claw attached) then swoop in with Von Crackers Catholic Shame technique!

Ok more dirty laundry for you… As Delaware’s hottest blogger I have to admit I do come with baggage ladies (and a wife, but we can work around that wink, wink) so I just thought I would share some of my more personal moments with my babie’s momma for you all as well as ask you the reader to help me a little too. 

Take a read of the email dialog I had with the ex over the course of Tuesday and then read the surprise endingEX Wife: Are you planning on going to the Conrad parents meeting tomorrow night? 

Donviti: Would have been nice to know about the meeting earlier, but yes, I guess I will be there.  Can you give me more information such as time, teachers etc.

EX Wife: Details of the meeting were in the e-mail I forwarded you last week

Donviti: I didn’t get that email from you then.  Please send it to me again Will you be going?  Does daughter #2 need to go?

(ex-wife sent email regarding the meeting, nothing to see in that email, so I am moving on to next email after I recieved info on meeting)

Ex Wife: No she doesn’t have to go.  And I will be going, so if you don’t feel like driving up to the Newark Library, I will pass along any information that I receive

Donviti: I have so much to do with getting my house back on the market, I don’t think I can make it

Ok, so now you got the jist of the email.  I had a ton of stuff to take care of before my open house and I was up until 11pm painting so the fact that my daughters mother was going to the meeting in my mind justified me not needing to go.  One parent is good and I can get anything forwarded to me that I may need.  There is another one later on this summer and going forward I plan on attending any and all meetings that I can.  I participate in all of my kids school meetings regardless if the ex goes or not.  I didn’t this time only because I had so much to do. 

Now follow along the discussion I had last night with daughter #2 at dinner

Donviti: So your mom is going to your parent meeting tonight huh?

Daughter: No, she went to the Phillies game and is having them email her the stuff

OMFG!!! I would have skipped the painting and the home repairs and driven down to Newark had I known she was going to go to a baseball fucking game!  wtf is wrong with her.  This is my daughters freshman year, at a new school

Seriously people what would you do?  My catholic guilt has gotten the best of me and I should have gone.  I knew it, I thought she would go, I thought it was ok for me not to go.  Now I feel like a heaping pile of shit for not going.  sigh

I am ready to send out an email this morning asking her if she stayed through the 14th inning to see Ryan Howard’s walk off home run, but I’m holding out….

You the audiance get to help me submit today’s email to my ex wife:  the best submission will be sent or a combination of submitions will be created I need something by noon today, b/c I can’t wait much longer to send out something.