Check out the not so coded language Mike Castle’s uses to explain to us dummies why we need to in Iraq for as long as George Bush says so.


Are “partisan.” They want “hard deadlines” and to hold “smybolic votes” because they favor
“mass genocide and sectarian chaos”.

But Mike Castle and George Bush:

Are “bi-partisan.” They promote “real strategies” so they are “crafting a responsible strategy” that “recognizes the danger and complexity of conditions in Iraq” because they want to “quell violence and reach political compromise in Iraq.”

You see? It is those bad Democrats that are keeping us from winning in Iraq.

That editorial spits in the face of reality. The Iraqi’s are not so concerned about us leaving. They overwhelmingly (70 percent) want us out of their country. 61 percent of Iraqis supports attacks against U.S. led forces, and 58 percent of them believe overall violence will decrease if U.S. troops leave.

Castle is simply pulling stuff out of his ass at this point. If Delaware voters fall for this transparent nonsense they deserve the shit-ass representation in congress that they are getting.