First State Politics has really gone down hill. Dave seems to have brought in a couple of nit wits who think President Bush and the Republicans are doing a great job and that we’d be winning in Iraq if it weren’t for those bad Democrats especially Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

I don’t know if they are mentally retarded or they (like children who are a little too old to believe in Santa Claus) just don’t want to STOP believing yet.

Anyway, the fact is Iraq was fated to be a debacle from the start. For one simple reasons, Bush sucks-ass as a President and he surounds himself with idiots and “yes men.”

One of those idiots was Donald Rumsfeld. David McKiernan, who commanded all US ground troops in Iraq from 2002 to 2004 this about Rumsfeld’s management style.

In lieu of an order or plan, you get a set of PowerPoint slides. To imagine that PowerPoint slides can substitute for formal written order is really the height of recklessness.”