Hey We need that report that Mike built for us last year.

 Mike isn’t here anymore but that report was wrong we have since discovered

 Can we still get it though?

You want us to give the report that was wrong?

Can’t you make it right?

Sure, but it wont be broken out the way Mike did it, he was wrong in thinking that we could break out the numbers the way you requested. We can’t do that, but i will give you what we can do


2 days later….

The numbers you sent us don’t match up with the Report we had seen last year?

You mean the Mike report numbers?


We told you that report was wrong, why are you bouncing the numbers off of it?

But, Can you get the numbers closer to the original report?

We told you the numbers don’t match up?

Yes, we know that, but he was able to break out the numbers for us and show us the difference between Prime and NonPrime declines

Yes, but he was wrong and we can’t do that. There is really no such thing as a Prime decline the way the system declines deals. Technically, not to be a smart ass, but if you know anything about Credit a Prime customer is never declined…..

Oh. Ok

1 day later

Can you send us a report that breaks out the numbers the way this (attached) report does

Open file:

Mikes old Report