Mark this date on your calendar. Dave Burris is resigning his position as Chair of the Sussex County Republicans. I have been speaking to Dave over the past few weeks and he had recently confided in me that while he wasn’t quite ready to call himself a Democrat, he certainly didn’t feel the warm Republican glow any more. He will file his resignation and change of party form tomorrow morning in Georgetown.

Here is a snippet from the resignation letter:

Over the past few months I have been harassed and cajoled by several leaders of the party that I used to call my own. Ultimately, I was successful in pushing John Adkins to resign, but in the process I have come to realize how morally bankrupt my party truly is. The support that I received from the moderate and liberal readers of my blog has astounded me and reminded me that the Republican party has been talking a good game on family values, but that ultimately we, as a party don’t have the courage to stand up for what is right.

Thanks, Dave. It’s good to have you out of the clutches of that party of greed. Wanna get together and sing Kumbaya?

Update for future googlers:  This was an April Fools Hoax.  Thanks for playing.